Infinxt Features & Benefits

Truly Software Defined WAN
Truly Software Defined WAN:

The performance and security of any application is defined by the architecture of the same. Infinxt is a true SD-WAN that is built on the core fundamentals of SDN that mandates the solution to have the Control Plane decoupled from the Data Plane. When legacy products and architecture defined the SD-WAN offering for various vendors from the routing and gateway security spectrum, Infinxt stringently adhered to the principles of SD-WAN.

Next Generation Firewall
Next Generation Firewall:

UTM and NGFW are interchangeably used, but there is a prominent difference between the two that defines the throughput or the efficiency of the device. This architectural difference cannot be overlooked when the gateway device has a major role in defining the performance of SaaS / Cloud based application. The NGFW feature of Infinxt is powered by Palo Alto Networks that is a true NGFW which uses SP3 (Single Pass Parallel Processing) architecture when compared to UTM that uses Multi path processing. Though Infinxt is a zone-based firewall, it leverages the Cyber Intelligence of Palo Alto Networks to give its customers data and network security.

Streaming Telemetry for Monitoring and Reporting
Streaming Telemetry for Monitoring and Reporting:

Streaming Telemetry is one of our key USPs based on Push model, where the devices involuntarily stream the KPI information towards the central data lake. This enables real-time device statistics data collection that could be leveraged for any real time analytics. Streaming Telemetry enables the monitoring and management of health vectors of various client-facing components of the solution like the CPE and WAN links. It stores them in a time series database so that further analytics can be performed on the received data.

Application Aware Routing
Application Aware Routing:

The visibility across applications gives the user more granular control to ascertain what is running in the network. It also helps to decide the right treatment of the application traffic.

Multi-Tenant Cloud and On-Prem Controller
Multi-Tenant Cloud and On-Prem Controller:

Infinxt SD – WAN offers the controller in multi-tenancy configuration and cloud-hosted model for the small and medium enterprises. For Large customers, the controller can be spawned in the private data centre of the customer itself offering dedicated operation.

Transport Agnostic
Transport Agnostic:

Infinxt facilitates its customers with transport independence through which various types of WAN links like MPLS, 3G/4G LTE, Ethernet, Internet, Serial, or Wi-Fi services can be used in a cluster simultaneously. Since SD-WAN can use any type of connection service, it provides companies with a faster installation and multiple bandwidth choices. SD-WAN will automatically choose the best path for the transmission of your data to ensure a reliable, high performing connection. The load will be shared amongst the heterogenous transports.

LTE Primary and Aggregation
LTE Primary and Aggregation:

Most of the SD – WAN offerings in the market needs a wired connection to register the CPE device to the cloud/ On Premise controller. This is a limitation where the unavailability of any type of wired connection can cause the solution un-usable. Infinxt provides its customer with the real transport flexibility where LTE can not only be used as the primary WAN connection but also aggregate more than one LTE for higher bandwidth and redundancy.


Infinxt provides the business with the needed agility and flexibility through the automation of all monotonous repetitive tasks in form of Day 0, Day 1, and Day 2 operations. This would bring in a lot of operational efficiency and cost benefits. The inherent intelligence of the solution promotes the IT team from reactive to pro-active mode of operation.

Business Benefits

Business Agility

Infinxt facilitates its customers in faster deployment of devices and bring up services in remote sites even without the physical presence of their engineers. Branches can be brought alive in minutes rather than weeks.


Infinxt is true SD-WAN with decoupled Data Plane and Control plane. The solution components and its architecture are so uncomplicated that the solution can take both virtual and physical form. The edge router that constitutes the data plane can either be on physical Infinxt iEdge device or can be spun as a virtual router instance in Public cloud like AWS, Azure etc. Similarly, the multitenant capable control plane can also be hosted in Cloud or on-premises DC environment.

Centralised management and control

Infinxt provides an intuitive dashboard for visibility and control over WAN infrastructure remotely. It would help the customer in managing their WAN infrastructure even with a lean IT team. The dashboard provides the IT team with the statistics from real time streaming network telemetry.

Lower Opex

ZTP (Zero Touch Provisioning) helps in the cost effective remote secured provision and deployment. Expensive transports like MPLS and ILL can be replaced or supplemented with consumer grade broadband bandwidth. Management of a single box is efficient and cost-effective when compared to multiple boxes of discrete and siloed architecture.

Higher bandwidth utilization

Unlike the traditional WAN deployment where load sharing was rigid and ineffective, Infinxt creates a WAN overlay on discrete WAN underlay for application aware routing utilizing all the available WAN transport options. The customer will be able to make the maximum utilization of the bandwidth investment made and improve application QoE (Quality of Experience)

Cloud ready & Unified security

Infinxt empowers its customers to adopt DIA (Direct Internet Access) at the branch location rather than backhauling the entire branch traffic to the hub location. This can improve application performance primarily for Cloud based applications like SaaS, PaaS or IaaS. Secure Infinxt is a tightly integrated single appliance solution that provides best of the NGFW features and visibility to maintain application performance through unified security.

ISP agnostic

In most business cases, end customers prefer to have multiple WAN connectivity from different Internet Service Providers to reduce dependency on one ISP for their business continuity. Infinxt, apart from being ISP agnostic, is also transport agnostic that is not only compatible with MPLS, ILL, Broadband, PPPoE, Satellite, Wi-Max etc. but can also share the traffic load across these with application performance SLA

Lower TCO

Infinxt SD-WAN consolidates discrete devices like router and firewall into a single integrated solution. Infinxt provides secure SD-WAN solution with the least possible TCO without compromising on the application performance requirement and security. The joint offer from Infinity labs and Palo Alto Networks was developed keeping in mind the need for reduced Capex and Opex


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